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Company Profile

Established in 1991 in the Republic of China, Su-Cheng  Automation Co., Ltd. (predecessor), after many years of honest service and good interaction with customers and industry, established Soochi Automation Co., Ltd. in 1995. The main business of the company is a variety of automatic engineering planning Design and construction, special machinery, PLC program control system, LCD / TFT LCD panel equipment construction planning, construction of solar energy system equipment.

At present, the company's main clients have been extended to all parts of the province. In addition to Taichung headquarters in Tainan, Kaohsiung has a service base, the future also due to the upgrading of the domestic industrial equipment and technology needed to actively develop products that meet customer needs. And continue to adhere to the integrity of the service industry you advanced will also uphold a good partnership with customers and common growth.


Business Items

PLC city, man-machine interface program control

Whole plant equipment computer monitoring automatic engineering

Multi-stage temperature, air hydraulic system control

Inverter, DC, servo motor control system

Import, Taiwan-made inverter, motor distribution

Sewage, water treatment control engineering system

Special machinery, processing machine control

Plate body planning and construction, clean room project

Automatic control design bearing construction

Contract regular maintenance and repair services